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About the Iowa Tests

Parent and Child Practicing - How to Prepare for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Students enrolled in Iowa Public Schools are undoubtedly aware of the demands of their yearly ITBS assessments. ITBS, which stands for the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, is a comprehensive exam given to public school students from grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The ITBS is designed to monitor and assess student performance and comprehension of the standards in their grade’s curriculum, and subsequently, the results are utilized to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses among students, schools, and regions.

Iowa Testing Standards

According to public school leaders, the Iowa Test has been effectively implemented in order to foster an array of educational benefits:

  • Tests align with school standards to evaluate student progress and performance.Begin Practicing -

  • The ITBS provides leaders with state-wide results and student data.

  • ITBS data helps school leaders interpret scores and conduct studies and investigations of effective teaching and instructional methods.

  • The ITBS helps ensure that all children are being equally provided with access to the core material of their grade level. Low scores across an entire classroom or school can alert leaders of areas that may need increased interventions or support.


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