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Iowa Assessment Classroom Accounts

Have your students prepare for the Common Core and standardized exams with our online practice tests.  We offer teacher and administrator accounts so that you can administer the exams to the individual students and track their progress.  Each student will also get his or her own account so he or she can practice at school or at home.

Free Demo Account

You can sign up for a free one-week demo account to preview the materials and get an idea of the student testing experience.

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Classroom Reporting

We offer exclusive classroom reports to assist with administering and tracking the tests.  These include an Aggregate Class Report so you can see all of the student scores in each subject on one page.

Classroom Report

There are also Classroom Login reports and our exclusive Percentile Comparison Report.  Our materials are compatible with smart boards, iPads, and other tablet devices.

Exclusive National Percentile Comparison Report

This report allows you to compare how well the student is doing in each subject as compared with others nationwide.  It is meant to emulate the sorts of reports you would get from the actual exams.

There is also a detailed breakdown of performance in each particular standard so that you can drill down to determine exactly where improvement is needed.  The report is included in our one year package.

Percentile Comparison Report

Percentile Comparison Scores


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