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Test Preparation for Iowa Assessment Tests

As students move through each grade level, the Iowa Test will challenge them with more advanced assessments. To help your child successfully earn high scores for all of their Iowa Testing assessments, parents can access online resources from

With a spectrum of review materials, practice questions, as well as additional benefits, students are able to comfortably work through their grade level’s curriculum content with ease and guidance.

Iowa Test Practice: How to Find Resources and Preparatory Materials

Specifically, students utilizing are able to take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Students become comfortable with the assessment materials by taking advantage of over 1,000 practice test questions for each grade level.

  • The Iowa Test resources have been proven to boost nearly all students’ scores.Begin Practicing -

  • The practice materials are interactive and engaging, allowing kids to study and review in a low-stress and entertaining environment.

  • These testing review materials have been implemented in classrooms in an array of districts and school communities.

  • Students are able to gain immediate feedback and results by using the online test review features. Students opting to take their test on a printed review guide have access to a convenient answer key for all questions.

  • Students can review with a 12 month or 1 month package; both options allow for easy-to-use access to review materials at a highly affordable rate.

  • Parents do not need to purchase, download, or invest in any new software upgrades, new programs, or any other technological “add-ons.” Simply put, the ITBS practice is accessible through a fast and efficiently website, which simply requires students to login with their username and password.

  • The Iowa Test Practice provides both parents and students with visual charts to monitor ongoing progress.

  • The ITBS can be a stressful experience for your child, but it does not have to be. By helping them become comfortable with both the format and questions of the ITBS, you can help your children maximize their performance – and confidence – during the exam.


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